$129.95 USD

12V - 12 AH MAX Lithium Battery with V-420L Rapid Charger

Vexilar’s MAX Lithium Battery delivers 12 volts and 12 amps of power, the most in its class to be a drop-in replacement for existing 12-volt SLA batteries with half the weight. When combined with the Vexilar 2.5 Amp Hour Rapid Charger, it is an unbeatable combination. Vexilar has put these two great products together to create the  V-220L Combo Pack.  It even comes with a set of gator clips to easily attach to the battery terminals, or directly using the Vexilar Quick Connect charging system.

FH1000 Fuse Holder

  • Mounted on the positive terminal of your battery are a fuse holder and fuse. Vexilar knows your battery can cause fires if a dead short happens, so we have taken the added safety precaution to include this fuse holder with a 3 amp fuse for your battery.
  • It comes standard with a 3 amp automotive fuse, but you can put in a size fuse from 3 amp to 10 amps.
  • If your sonar system does not power up, check to see if the fuse or fuse holder is loose.
  • If your sonar system does not power up, inspect the fuse itself, if the wire inside the fuse is burnt, the fuse must be replaced
  • Yes, your Vexilar can run without the fuse holder by connecting directly to the battery, but please use it whenever possible for safety purposes.
  • If for some reason you’ve lost your fuse holder or would like to put them on all your Vexilar systems, they are available directly at vexilar.com, part number: FH1000

Lightweight and powerful, the V-200L 12 Volt, 12 amp-hour Vexilar MAX Lithium battery has been designed to replace any current Vexilar Flasher/Pack battery.  While you can use any of Vexilar’s chargers to charge this battery, due to the high amp capacity of this battery, it is recommended the Vexilar V-420L Rapid Charger be used so your battery can be fully charged overnight.


  • Drop-in replacement for any current Vexilar Flasher/Pack battery
  • LiFePO4 technology
  • Delivers twice the number of battery re-charging cycles over sealed lead-acid batteries
  • Half the weight of the sealed lead-acid battery