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RAM® Track Ball™ Double Ball Mount with Garmin Spine Clip Holder 

The RAM® Spine Clip holder is a mount adapter that easily clips into the integrated spine connection on a wide variety of Garmin devices. This kit is compatible with virtually any track system including the RAM® Tough-Track™ and is easy to install and remove from your vehicle or vessel.


  • Kit includes RAM® Spine Clip Holder for Garmin, B size diamond ball base, medium double socket arm, and RAM® Track Ball™ base
  • The holder secures any Garmin handheld device with an integrated spine connection
  • Designed for most third-party track mounting systems; compatible with any RAM® Tough-Track™
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty

Compatible Garmin Devices:

  • Alpha® 100, Approach® G3, Approach® G5, Astro® 320, Astro® 430, Astro® 900, Dakota® 10, Dakota® 20, eTrex® 10, eTrex® 20, eTrex® 20x, eTrex® 22x, eTrex® 30, eTrex® 30x, eTrex® 32x, eTrex® Touch 25, eTrex® Touch 35, eTrex® Touch 35t, GPSMAP® 62, GPSMAP® 62s, GPSMAP® 62sc, GPSMAP® 62st, GPSMAP® 62stc, GPSMAP® 64, GPSMAP® 64s, GPSMAP® 64sc, GPSMAP® 65s, GPSMAP® 66i, GPSMAP® 66s, GPSMAP® 66st, GPSMAP® 79s, GPSMAP® 79sc, GPSMAP® 86 Series, inReach Explorer®+, inReach® Mini, inReach SE®, Oregon® 200, Oregon® 300, Oregon® 400c, Oregon® 400i, Oregon® 400t, Oregon® 450, Oregon® 450t, Oregon® 550, Oregon® 550t, Oregon® 600, Oregon® 600t, Oregon® 650, Oregon® 650t, Oregon® 700, Oregon® 750, Oregon® 750t, Rino® 610, Rino® 650, Rino® 650t, Rino® 655t, Rino® 700, Rino® 750, Rino® 755t, and Sport PRO™


  • Assembly Hardware
  • (1) Friction Washer
  • (1) 1/4"-20 x 7/8" T-Bolt


  • T-Bolt Dimensions (inch): .48" x .95"
  • Socket to Socket Length (inch): 3"
  • Ball Size: B Size (1")
  • Weight: 0.41 lb.
  • Materials: High-strength composite

Weight Capacity: 

  • Standard Use: 2 lbs
  • Heavy-Duty Use: 1 lb