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RAM-Mari-Rivet Aluminum Pop Rivets (4 QTY)

The RAM-MARI-RIVET-4U consists of (4 qty) aluminum 1/8" pop rivets for blind hole mounting .

Grip Thickness:r

1/16" to 1/4" r

rInstallation Instructions: 

1. Locate RAM base to desired mounting location, drill holes with 7/32" drill. r

r2. Place Mari-Rivet™ body all the way through RAM base and pre-drilled 7/32" holes until flange is firmly secured against mounting surface.  

r3. Insert rivet gun over mandrel head.  

r4. Clamp rivet gun; this will initiate the jaws to retract, extracting the mandrel, which pulls the mandrel head into the rivet body setting the rivet. At a predetermined tensile load, the mandrel breaks from its head and is discarded.  


0.04 lbs.