$94.99 USD

Deck Fill for Carbon Canister System - Angled Body & Scalloped Stainless Steel Cap

Pressure relief systems are designed with automatic diurnal emission control and overpressure relief safety valves built into the cap of the fill. The overpressure relief safety valves are engineered to release pressure above 1 psi. The high-flow vacuum valves allow fresh air to enter the fuel tank to replace the fuel being consumed by the engine. Other components of a pressure relief system are designed to ensure the tank fills to the proper level every time without spit-back or well-back.


  • Fits 1-1/2 (inch) fill hose
  • Compatible with Ethanol blended fuels
  • Designed and tested to prevent water from entering the fuel system
  • All Attwood pressure relief systems are designed to ensure water does not enter the fuel tank and are compatible with Jerry Can and marine nozzle refueling
  • EPA / CARB Certified
  • Dual 1 psi overpressure relief safety valves built into the deck fill caps
  • Automatic nozzle shutoff 4-18 gpm
  • Deck Fill for Carbon Canister System, angled, stainless steel, single pack

Quick Guide (pdf)