$179.99 USD

The Universal 5200 series electronics shuttle  is designed to be compact, light weight and extremely tough. Our 5200 series shuttle works with all Live Sonar systems on the market as well as every flasher unit available today. Its the ultimate vessel to house your electronics investment while in use or in travel.

 The basic face plate conceals your shuttle battery and protects against the elements and accidents.  It also allows for a 1 1/8" round master switch to be installed ( switch included).

Add Wiring Harness to cart -  CLICK HERE 

-Weighing only 4.77 lb when assembled and built from marine grade 1/8" T5052 aluminum for unmatched durability in cold climates 

- Fits many options for battery size

-Comes with SAE 12v charge port for a safe and convenient charge connection. (Works with Amped Lithium charger but can be wired to any charger)

-Inside dimension with basic face plate: L 5.125" W 10.875" x  H 4.375" 

-Inside dimension with 12v face plate: L 5.125" W 5.625" x H 4.375" 

- Outer dimension L 11.25" W 6.625" H 13.375"

-Fits all AMPED Lithium batteries (EXCEPT 30Ah TALL)

-Fits AMPED 48Ah battery 

: Comes complete with 12V charge port ,on/off switch, battery tie down strap, vhb double sided tape, and all required shuttle assembly hardware. 

Hardware to mount your electronics  is  NOT provided.

Does not include wiring or harness

DIY wiring required

CLICK HERE for printable wiring diagram PDF and assembly instructions