i-Pilot Add-On for Riptide ST Trolling Motor



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How can this remote change the way you fish By actually letting you fish. i-Pilot uses GPS technology to lock onto a fishing spot, record and retrace paths, set cruise control, and more. Redesigned with an ergonomic new remote, bigger LCD screen, and double the Spot-Lock and Record A Track memory, i-Pilot lets you spend less time positioning your boat and more time setting the hook. All wireless. All with GPS accuracy. Altogether revolutionary.

Record A Track – Simply push the Record button and fish along your desired course. i-Pilot will store that track to memory (up to six separate tracks) and retrace it automatically with its playback features.

Spot-Lock – Spot-Lock works like an electronic anchor. Choose up to six separate spots for i-Pilot to remember, and at the push of a button, it will correct for wind or current to hold you in place. Spot-Lock Recall lets you return to your spot later, from up to a quarter mile away.

Co-Pilot and Cruise Control – With our legendary CoPilot functi

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