StrikerICE? Combat Glove


200g of 3M Thinsulate? Insulation; Hipora? Waterproof/Breathable; Immersion Proof; Full Leather Palm and Back of Hand; Full Softshell Gauntlet; Adjustable Wrist and Gauntlet Closures; Padded Back of Hand for Durability; Seamless Wraparound Finger Tips; Pre-Curved Fingers for Natural Resting Hand Position

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Make no mistake; hand-to-fish combat is what you’re engaging in every-time you hit the ice, so you might as well be prepared.  Leather palm and back of hand construction offers the most rugged ice glove yet. Adjustable closures, wrapped uppers, and pre-curved fingertips make it fit like a dream. Reach fearlessly and hold that catch high. The Combat is the most advanced ice glove ever invented. 


  • 200g of 3M Thinsulate® Insulation
  • Hipora® Waterproof/Breathable
  • Immersion Proof
  • Full Leather Palm and Back of Hand
  • Full Softshell Gauntlet
  • Adjustable Wrist and Gauntlet Closures
  • ­­­Padded Back of Hand for Durability
  • Seamless Wraparound Finger Tips
  • Pre-Curved Fingers for Natural Resting Hand Position

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    Dimensions 19 × 8 × 2.5 in