StrikerICE Attack Glove


150g of 3M Thinsulate? Insulation; Hipora? Waterproof/Breathable; Immersion Proof; 300D Oxford Shell on Back of Hand; Synthetic Suede Palm; Adjustable Neoprene Cuff

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With 150g of 3M Thinsulate? insulation and a Hipora? waterproof and breathable insert, the Striker? Attack Ice Fishing Gloves hold up to winter?s worst conditions. A durable 300D back of hand shell combined with extra comfortable grip provided by suede palm material ensure your gloves hold up day in and day out against the rigors of ice fishing.


  • 150g of 3M Thinsulate? Insulation
  • Hipora? Waterproof/Breathable
  • Immersion Proof
  • 300D Oxford Shell on Back of Hand
  • Synthetic Suede Palm
  • Adjustable Neoprene Cuff

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Dimensions 15 × 5.25 × 2.5 in