Our King Of The Ice winch anchor is a must have ATV and UTV ice fishers.

This anchor point is an extremely effective tool in self recovery when you get stuck out on the ice with your ATV or UTV.

18″ wide HD? 1″ steel bar stock construction ensures reliability when it counts. Laser cut spikes to grip the ice. Primed and powder coated. Center winch hook point with offset? 6′ nylon leash.

How to use:

1. Using your auger or an axe drill (chop) a hole in the ice

2. Attach your winch hook to the triangle in the center of the anchor

3. Unroll the nylon leash and tie apx 5′ up your winch cable ( The leash will be used to pull the winch anchor to a vertical position? so it can be easily extracted from your hole)

4. Lower the anchor into the hole until it is below the ice level. Winch up slack from your winch line and ensure the anchor is centralized in the hole.

5. Now you may begin safely winching your UTV or ATV.

6. Once recovered allow slack on your winchline and use the nylon leash to vertically extract the anchor.

(Please follow safe winching guidelines as illustrated in your winch user manual)

Never straddle a winch line (we hope it’s obvious why), and when winching, avoid standing between the vehicle and its anchor point. Anyone not involved with the actual winching should get behind a vehicle, and stay a safe distance away from the cable

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Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 4 × 4 in