GTM- 3400 / LVS34 GARMIN TRANSDUCER MOUNT (available with pole set up only)



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Quick release transducer mount for the Garmin LVS34 transducer.

We designed this new transducer mount with zero transducer offset. This makes the transducer directly in-line with the transducer pole. What this achieves is a higher degree of accuracy, better performance and a smaller overall profile allowing you to fit the transducer into an 8″ hole in the ice.

When perspective view is required, simply grab the transducer and swing it sideways. The transducer mount comes set with the proper resistance and requires no tooling for this function. To re orient the direction of the transducer pole handle, rotate the transducer mount 90° and re pin in the “P” (perspective) position.

Our new LVS34 transducer mount is built from marine grade aluminum and utilizes stainless steel hardware for long term performance and corrosion resistance.

To install the GTM-3400 you will need to harvest the selector disk on the perspective bracket that Garmin provides with your Livescope. It is also important to keep and use the rubber washer Garmin provides with the transducer. This rubber washer acts as a spring allowing the selector disc segments to ride over one another when functioning between forward and down view. (Please see images below)

– Extremely compact

– Performs all view modes including perspective

– No tooling required

– Aluminum and stainless steel construction

– Quick release for fast and easy storage

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