Garmin 010-11617-10 Transducer Extension Cable – 10′, 4-Pin




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Is your current transducer cable not an ideal length? Extend your cable length of your compatible transducer with this 10 foot (3 meter) extension cable. This transducer extension cable is for compatible 4-pin transducers and is also available in 30 feet (9 meters) if you need additional length. This cable is compatible with the following Garmin devices: echo 100 Series, echo 200 Series, echo 300 Series, echo 500 Series, echoMAP 4Xdv Series, echoMAP 53cv/53dv, echoMAP 54dv, echoMAP 74dv, echoMAP CHIRP 4Xdv/cv Series, echoMAP CHIRP 5Xcv/dv Series, ECHOMAP Plus 4Xcv Series, ECHOMAP Plus 6Xcv Series, Garmin GT20-TM, Garmin GT8HW-IF, STRIKER 4X Series, STRIKER 5X Series, STRIKER 7X Series, STRIKER Plus 4, STRIKER Plus 4cv, STRIKER Plus 5cv and STRIKER Plus 7cv.

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