Garmin 010-11615-00 Sounder Adapter Cable – 6-Pin Transducer to 4-Pin




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Need to connect your transducer to your fishfinder? This transducer adapter cable allows you to use your existing 6-pin dual-beam transducer with your 4-pin echo Series fishfinder. The 6-pin to 4-pin adapter cable is compatible with the following Garmin devices: echo 100 Series, echo 200 Series, echo 300 Series, echo 500 Series, echoMAP 4Xdv Series, echoMAP 5Xdv Series, echoMAP 7Xdv/sv Series, echoMAP 9Xsv Series, echoMAP CHIRP 4Xdv/cv Series, echoMAP CHIRP 5Xdv/cv Series, ECHOMAP Plus 4Xcv Series, ECHOMAP Plus 6Xcv Series, STRIKER 4, STRIKER 4cv/dv, STRIKER 5, STRIKER 5cv/dv, STRIKER 7, STRIKER 7cv/dv/sv, STRIKER Plus 4, STRIKER Plus 4cv, STRIKER Plus 5cv, STRIKER Plus 7cv/sv and STRIKER Plus 9sv.

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