Garmin 010-02055-00 Ultra High-Definition Scanning Sonar System




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Clarity and detail are redefined with the Ultra High-Definition scanning sonar system. Using an easy-to-install, networkable GCV 20 sonar black box with an included three-array GT34UHD transducer, now you can get scanning sonar images in ultra high-definition. You see everything below and off to the sides of your boat in amazingly sharp, crisp detail. This sonar system provides brilliant image clarity of structure and fish below your boat at greater depths than other high-frequency scanning sonars by putting more power on targets via a downward-facing element. You can share your Ultra High-Definition scanning sonar images seamlessly across multiple networked chartplotters. You can also add optional Panoptix all-seeing sonar to your networked sonars. This Ultra High-Definition Scanning Sonar System is compatible with the following Garmin devices: ECHOMAP Plus 7Xsv/7Xcv Series, ECHOMAP Plus 9Xsv Series, GPSMAP 10×2 Series, GPSMAP 12×2 Series, GPSMAP 722, GPSMAP 722xs, GPSMAP 74x Series, GPSMAP 7400 Series, GPSMAP 76x Series, GPSMAP 7600 Series, GPSMAP 8400 MFD Series, GPSMAP 8600 MFD Series, GPSMAP 922, GPSMAP 922xs, GPSMAP 942, and GPSMAP 942xs.

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