ArcLab Add A Screen 32 ah battery Livescope Bundle


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We know a good value when we see it, grab a 93sv, 106sv or 126sv from the Big Box Black Friday Sale and we will do the rest to give you the best ice bundle on the market!


This bundle includes all of the components to turn you Echomap screen into an ArcLab Livescope Shuttle. They are pre wired and mostly assembled you just need to add your screen!  If you have a GPSmap please reach out to us to get the correct wiring harness to match.


If you want to mount your shuttle in a bag we have the Clam Flasher Bags which will fit the 93SV and can fit the 106SV but is rather tight, if you want to mount it to your ATV or UTV add a Shuttle Quick Dock to your order. currently you can only do one or the other as you can not dock the unit if it is in a bag.nor will it fit the Clam Flasher bag if the Linq Fasteners are attached.

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 12 in

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