106SV Livescope XR Bundle



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For all the Great Lakes fisherman wanting to try their hand at Panoptix Livescope.  This bundle contains the ever popular 10″ Ultra 106sv with Inland and coastal mapping and the Livescope XR system which is capable of seeing up to 500 feet in freshwater.

It works great to spot salmon and trout 250+ feet in front of the boat or balls of bait up to 400 feet in front of the boat. You can point it backwards to watch downrigger balls, dipsys and flasher combos, baits can be seen as well but is dependent on conditions!

It is easiest to add a Brew City Pole to an existing or new track on the non kicker side of the boat.  If you want to play with Perspective and watching your dipsys on both sides of the boat add the Brew City Live Perspective Mount.

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